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FUGABELLA ECO-FLEX Exterior Tile Grout – BOX OF 4 x 5kg – 3 Colours

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Available in the following colours :

JASMIN ( light to go with most of our light / sand / beige coloured Porcelain tiles )
PEARL GREY ( grey / silver to go with most of the silver / grey porcelain tiles )
ANTHRACITE (  A darker grout to compliment the black /dark ranges, or as a dark contrast )

5kg bags, at circa 5mm gap will cover approx 7-9m2.
This is for a box of 4 x 5kg bags of Kerakoll Fugabella Eco Flex Grout.

See other listing for items for sale in individual bags.


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Multiple colours available
Suitable for 2-12mm joints internally or externally
Flexible & rapid setting
Very easy to use and clean.

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco Flex Tile Grout is a certified eco friendly mineral grout suitable for porcelain tiles, ceramics, low thickness slabs and natural stone tiles.

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco Flex is a rapid setting flexible tile grout for grouting joints with widths from 2-12mm. It creates joints with a smooth finish, high degree of hardness and colour uniformity, water-repellence with water-drop effect that makes it easy to clean and maintain, and suitable for underfloor heating systems.

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco Flex Tile Grout is suitable for porcelain tiles, low thickness slabs, ceramic tiles, klinker, cotto, glass and ceramic mosaic, of all types and formats, natural stone, recomposed materials, and marble.

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco Flex Tile Grout can be used on internal and external flooring and walls, in domestic, commercial and industrial applications and street furniture, in environments subject to heavy traffic, swimming pools, baths and fountains, also in areas subject to thermal shock and freezing.

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco Flex is naturally bacteriostatic and fungistatic, and contains pure NHL5 Lime for extremely colour fast joints, with a fine grain finish. The colour fastness is tested to a high CATAS-tested level.

Kerakoll Fugabella Eco Flex Tile Grout is very eco-friendly, it can be recycled as mineral inert material, avoiding waste disposal costs and environmental impact, and is a natural bacteriostatic product stabilized with pure natural lime to avoid the use of pesticide additives.

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