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  • Full Fuga-Pave Installation Pack - up to 24m2 Coverage. Includes Free Delivery! Quantities : 12 x 12.5kg bags of Part A hybrid cement ( approx 24m2 coverage at 25mm bed depth ) 1 x 20kg bag of Part B slurry primer ( approx coverage 24-28m2 of porcelain ) 1 x 20kg bag of Part C porcelain grout ( approx coverage 30m2 of paving with 5mm joint ) First of its kind in the porcelain market, the Fuga-Pave installation system is the only system on the market that is guaranteed to stand the test of time, and keep your patio completely movement free. This system is made up of 3 parts, A, B & C. Part A is the unique 12.5kg bags of hybrid cement that are chemically designed with added fibres, to react with Part B : the slurry primer that goes on the back of the tiles. By using both together, they create a reaction which is more than 4 times the strength of traditional sand and cement bases and forms a monolithic bond guaranteeing the perfect adhesion. Also by using part A & B you use much less building sand in the mix making a great financial saving and reducing the need for an overly thick wet bed. Part C, the latest and best paving grout completes this system, and comes in a 20kg bag giving optimum coverage for the landscaping industry and is available in 4 colours. (Free Delivery is included to most UK palletways zones, some Scottish and southern areas carry a small additional charge.)  
  • FUGAPAVE PORCELAIN GROUT - 5kg The perfect exterior grout for landscaping & paving. Suitable for use with external porcelain. 5kg bag covers approximately 7m2 on a 5mm joint.
    • Grout joints 2-20mm
    • High surface hardness
    • Easy to apply & clean off
    • Full smooth joint
    • Environmentally friendly
    • UV stable & easy to clean
    • Water repellent
    • No Efflorescence
    • High Colour uniformity
    ***Price is for the Grout only and does not include delivery when bought independently (without porcelain)***


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